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Montmartre eternal village

Though it was a sacred hill from the Roman Temples period to the Abbey of Montmartre and the political tone of Henri the IV, Montmartre preserved its cultural and artistic identity by offering a home to the greatest painting movements of the XIX and XX centuries (Impressionnism, Cubism, Fauvism, Futurism, Surrealism).

Today, Montmartre remains alive with six million visitors who like to stroll along the narrow cobblestone streets of old Paris while taking in the historical and cultural atmosphere.

At every turn one always meets a painter or filmaker in this place of artistic creation. The Cabaret the « Divan Japonais » is nowadays the « Divan of the music of all over the world » and dancers are no longer applauded at the « Moulin Rouge » but at the theatre of the City where one can see a current show.